Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank you

All family and friends please take a bow.

The last MRI June 21st shows that the tumur has shrunk

It simply couldn't stand the power.

So to romantic evenings with Karl, "girls cannot let the girls to the beach with bare toes party", a wonderful week on the beach at San Diego where three familys watched our 7 children play on the beach.

I have had meals delivered to my door when I have little energy to even think about cooking, let alone excecuting a plan to do it.

I am cheering for my friends in Flagstaff for the horse show in July weekend, I love the forest air almost as much the ocean.

Then it will back to saddle for me. Slowwlyyyy.

I have lost the use in my in right hand but if I grip really hard then it helps with gripping a pen or knife and fork At least have an excuse for droping my food .
The CCNU / Avastin etc seems to done its work too.  CCNU is a once per month pill that has it is its own peculiar side effects during each part of the cycle. No nausea, mainly fatigue and weird and bruise and cuts etc. I take the next CCNU pill on June 27.

Avastin infusion every two weeks. No problems from that.

The Cyber Knife certainly left its mark on my short term memory.

My sister and her family left last week which was hard, but my my Mum arrives July 3rd.

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Tumor is just not polite:)

So, according to all to all docs. concerned my tumor has not been the best behaved all along. Of course not:)

So after all of the surgery, radiation (CyberKnife MRI pending), Temador, Avastin etc. things are not getting better.

Any effect from the Temodar (on certain types of cell), has ended. We are switching CCNU which should help to clear up the other type of tumor cell.

Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1,2,3
   Ian Dury & The Blockheads

1. I am still here fighting. Will NOT give.
2. I love my family and friends.
3. I am still here fighting. Will NOT give.